By 2025, the salary is 1,000 euros, an industrial plant in the north of the country

By 2025, the salary is 1,000 euros, an industrial plant in the north of the country

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic at the Business Forum in Bijelo Polje said that if in 2025 only 50 percent of what we have set, the average salary in Montenegro would be around a thousand euros. Montenegro will have a large agricultural assemblage that will be completed in the north, Krivokapik said.

“We won’t have partial solutions, we’ll have full solutions. Not because it’s what a prime minister said, but because it’s like that everywhere in the world. We want to learn from that world, the solution to your every problem.” There is opportunity, and this government is not running away from the problem, on the contrary, we have good intentions for the benefit of us and our country,” said the Prime Minister, RTCG reported.

He said that the people are the biggest capital of Montenegro and the greatest hope should be placed in the natural resources nursery.

The government’s first person, asserting that “he is aware of responsibility for the first word spoken”, promised that if this government lasts until 2028, it would mean two terms, perhaps without him in the chair. But who will have a clear vision of the future development of Montenegro, the average salary in 2025 will be one thousand euros, which is twice the current average.

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