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On Connect, Facebook revealed concrete details of its “off-store” Oculus app distribution system launching next year.

It will allow developers to create unlisted apps on Facebook’s Quest platform. Such applications can be shared via URLs or keys. That URL will open in the Culus mobile app, which will offer to install it as a store app on Quest. These apps will not appear when browsing the Apps Cool Store, but will show up in your library and support automatic updates.

This represents a fundamental shift in Facebook’s Oculus Quest platform’s curation strategy – but it’s important to note that new Oculus developers must use their personal Facebook account, and existing developers Is “limited functionality” Until they merge.

Quests: Console with Cidelloiding

Oculus Quests (currently) is essentially a VR console. Applications are rendered only by the device from which they are provided A tightly curated digital store. Developers are required to submit a pitch application at the beginning of the development cycle, which must be valid for uploading Quest Build to the store system – or gaining access to platform features such as Avatar.

The store curation policy has come under criticism from some indie developers who feel that Facebook is suppressing innovation and using more control over standalone VR – currently no single competitor of the same price as Quest 1, nothing more than Quest2.

Users can manually use a PC for “sideloid” applications, but for those who are not experienced with command line interfaces this is a fairly complex process. For this you need to tell Facebook that you are a developer and agree to the terms of service of the developer.

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Five days after Quest 1 shipping began, software software developer Shane Harris launched SideQuest for PC, which greatly simplifies the sideloading process. Sidequest soon evolved effectively into the Alternative Store – although you still need to use a PC to install and update apps.

Support for “Store F Store” apps comes in 2021

The next system The announcement was made back in June. Details were unclear, however, it was not clear what Facebook was actually announcing.

On Facebook Connect, Product Manager Raisah Aziz First details shared. This new release channel “will not require store approval”. Developers will be able to share them via URL or keys.

Applications distributed this way can be free or paid. When a user clicks on the URL you shared, the C Coolus app will open the product page like a store app.

APK is served from Facebook’s servers, downloaded and installed only by your quest. Such apps show up in your library and support automatic updates.

Harris tells us that he plans to sidequest that there must be a storefront for these unlisted apps. You can browse the list of sidequests on your phone via the web by linking this cullus platform URL to store pages:

“The updated system will make it easier for users to access content. We currently have 6 steps that are out of our control when onboarding new users. The new update not only eliminates that step, it promises first-party benefits for developers. This enables users to engage more with the content on Simple Quest as they do with the Smo Cools store apps, providing a more seamless experience. While we all worry about the recent changes that have taken place on Facebook, it’s not hard to see it as a big win for indie developers. “

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