Camera crashes, excessive battery consumption and other problems

Camera crashes, excessive battery consumption and other problems

Google It held an event on October 19, during which it unveiled the new Pixel 6 phone, but also the stable version of the Pixel 6 Pro as well. Android 12. It’s arrived on compatible Pixel phones and now we’ve started getting feedback after a few days of installing the software on millions of terminals, bundled with the first bug. What are the problems below?

Google Pixel phone users posted on dedicated communityBugs surfaced after updates on Reddit and on forums Android 12. According to the official Google Help Forum, Pixel phone users have problems with apps crashing, phone jams between calls, and sudden battery drain. It also happens that biometric authentication sensors do not work. Moreover, restart and factory reset also do not help in resolving these drawbacks.

Android 12

One Pixel 4XL User Write For example on the Google help page that his phone no longer works face-unlocking, and the screen goes black on a call. Other users complain that they cannot use the camera, which only displays a black image. most bugs Android 12 Rooms are related, it seems. Google claims that these crashes are related to compatibility issues.

Apparently the camera app version on your phone is not compatible with the new Android 12. We’re in it”worm infestation“, between issues in Windows 11 and . Which is iOS 15. are in. As time goes by and we prepare for the arrival of the final UI variants from companies like Samsung, Oppo, Realme and others, the bugs should be fixed.

As always, we invite you to let us know in the comment section if you have encountered any such problem.

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