Can you see the Crew Dragon in this photo?

Can you see the Crew Dragon in this photo?

German ESA Astronaut Matthias Maurer Presented your Twitter followers with a very simple challenge. “Can you locate the Crew Dragon space capsule on the launch pad?” The astronaut wrote on Twitter and hung A visual Feather. is on it Kennedy Space Center From the point of view of in Florida International Space Station To see.

What seems like a relatively easy task is quite a difficult challenge, as in the photo multiple launch pads you can see. Plus, the 2 big launch pads are right next to each other and look pretty much the same at first glance.

Well, there’s one on the launch pad falcon 9 rocketWhich brought 4 astronauts to the ISS in late April. crew-4 – consisting of 3 NASA astronauts and an ESA astronaut – was the replacement for Maurer, who returned to Earth in early May after a nearly 6-month stay on the ISS.

solve the puzzle

Back to the Challenge: Two Big Launch Pads Were Used to Launch Giant in the Past Saturn V Rocket Used, with which, among other things, NASA astronauts flew to the Moon.

Of Launch Complex 39A – on the left in the picture two major launch pads – has been used for some time SpaceX leased and for falcon 9 launch The space is used by the company. And there we have the solution to the puzzle: because that’s where the Crew Dragon capsule that Maurer is looking for is waiting to be launched.

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Launch Complex 39A


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