Capture a rocket flying over the moon, the first in decades

Capture a rocket flying over the moon, the first in decades

Incredible images of rockets flying against the moon have been captured by a U.S. photographer and shared online.

Steven Rice had a long-held dream of such an event, and his dream came true at 9:15 pm ETD on the night of October 2nd. Business interior.

Rice learned that a RISPLY mission, powered by NASA, would be launched Northrop Grumman He would see the Cygnus NG-14 cargo spaceship flying over the moon, and he knew he couldn’t miss that slippery.

Professional launch photographers believe that this For the first time in twenty Or so over the years that such clear images of rockets flying in front of the moon have been captured Business interior.

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The dream came true

It had been in my mind for a long time as a fantasy, because – living here – I don’t get a lot of projections, “he explained to Rice, near his house Business interior.

Rice’s dream came true when she heard of a modified rocket launch three and a half hours from her home in Philadelphia. According to Rice’s information from Northrop Grumen, the mission was to fly 5000 pounds (2,267 kilograms) of scientific experiments, including air, food, water, spacesuit parts and the International Space Station (ISS), including a brand new one. Million 23 million space toilets.

However, successfully snapping images of a fast-flying rocket is no easy feat as it passes for only a second in front of the moon. A combination of luck, time and skill is required, and Rice proved he has plenty of all three that night in early October.

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How did he do it?

So Rice did all the calculations, checked the specific applications and maps of the surrounding launch zone, and found that it would best capture the roadside event near Cornfield, 3.4 miles (5.4 kilometers) away from the launch site, according to his account Business interior.

Rice knew it should be in the perfect place to almost start breaking pictures 22 seconds After the liftoff. That’s not a lot of excuse to mess up.

Only with 16 minutes To save, however, Rice realized he was standing in the wrong place and had to rush to move all his gear to the right place, bringing a few lamps to the road.

Luckily for all of us, rice made it in no time Nine stunning pictures Rocket launched from the moon, as well as shooting of the event. He has shared photos on it Instagram Account and video on it YouTube P.

You wonder when you look at the images and footage realizing how difficult it was to take incredible images of the amazing event.

What’s more interesting is that Rice used a tripod and a 300-millimeter (11-inch) telephoto lens that only cost her. 20 From eBay. He also used another camera on the second tripod, which shot in 4K ultra-high resolution and attached a small telescope. The latter was set to film the whole moment, which became a video you can watch on YouTube.

Watch the following video:


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