Carinthia: Hackers are said to have sold data

Carinthia: Hackers are said to have sold data

Following a hacker attack in Carinthia in late May, hackers from the “Black Cat” group are said to have exclusively sold the extracted data to a third party. ORFAT The hacker group announced this yesterday.

According to the hacker group, the “Black Cat” group sold the data because the state of Carinthia did not want to cooperate (more on this below).,

Among the stolen data are the passports of the governor of Carinthia, Peter Kaiser.

Press Spokesperson: “Has GDPR Complied”

The head of the Carinthian State Press Service, Gerd Kurth, could not confirm the alleged sale: “We can’t figure out whether it’s true. Only criminals know an amount. I think investigators will figure something out.”

Kurth doesn’t want to comment on who the buyer might be and is therefore interested in the data: “I can’t say that nor do I want to speculate.” However, it is being said to be the data already transmitted on the Internet and Darknet.

According to Kurth, the state has “fulfilled” the provisions of the GDPR to protect data. The Data Protection Authority and the concerned persons have been informed. A public appeal was also launched.

According to the Black Cat group, the stolen data included copies of invoices, Covid 19 test results, emails and passports of Governor Peter Kaiser and other members of the government.

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