CES 2021 – LG Unveils QNED 8K and 4K LCD TV with Mini-LED Backlighting System

CES 2021 - LG Unveils QNED 8K and 4K LCD TV with Mini-LED Backlighting System

Even before the inauguration of Virtual CES 2021 on January 11, 2021, LG Electronics unveils its new family of high-end LCD TVs called QNED, which uses a backlighting system made of mini-LEDs.

New for 2021, manufacturer LG Electronics is adding a range of LCD TVs to its list. Called LG QNED (for Quantum Nanocole Mini-LED), these TVs will use Ultra HD 4K or 8K Ultra LCD panels with mini-LED backlighting systems. For now, it is not known whether these models will replace Nanocole TV or else the latter will remain in the catalog at more affordable prices. The objective is clearly to compete directly with Samsung’s Qled LCD TVs, especially entry-level models. The cheapest Qled TVs are simple LCD models, but the name “Qled” improves sales. LG can use the same strategy by introducing high-end QNED TVs before declaring this name on simple and cheap models. On the high end, LG is definitely in keeping with the full range of OLED TVs, which will be unveiled a little later.

For now, information about the LG QNED range is limited. LG ensures that the family will include 10 models including Ultra HD 4K and 8K Ultra TVs, whose diagonal can go up to 86 inches. The top-of-the-range 86-inch 8K model will have approximately 30,000 mini-LEDs managed in 2,500 different zones. This should result in a higher peak brightness and a Eruption (Around bright objects on a black background) limited, as we saw TCL 65X10One of the first models with a mini-LED backlighting system. The LG QNED TV must use a 100/120 Hz LCD panel, but you have to be careful with more economical models.

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We now await Samsung’s response, which should also reveal a series of LCD TVs equipped with mini-LED backlight systems.


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