China is building giant solar and wind power plant in the desert

China is building giant solar and wind power plant in the desert

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Incidentally, China has announced that it will massively increase its plants to generate electricity from renewable energy. How Reuters reported, announced hey lifengDirector of National Development Commission, on the sidelines of National People’s Congress.

“China will have the largest expansion of solar and wind power in history, with the combined production of 450 GW‘ said Lifeng. For comparison: at the end of 2021 in Austria there were wind turbines with a total production of 3.3 GW and photovoltaic systems with approx. 2.5 GW Display.

The first phase of construction has started

new facilities will be Gobi Desert And other desert areas arise. In the first construction phase, which has already started, photovoltaic systems will be incorporated 100 GW made a performance.

By the end of 2021, China will have solar power plants 306 GW and wind turbines 328 GW overall performance. So the project in the Gobi Desert is huge even by Chinese standards.

There’s no end to coal-fired power plants

Yet, even after desert plants, China is looking to further expand capacities for renewable energy. target was at least 1,200 GW Power set with solar and wind turbines. This would make it possible for China to stop increasing its CO2 emissions by 2030.

However, there are no plans to switch power from coal-fired power plants. Quite the contrary: “highly efficient” coal-fired power plants are also necessary to build a stable base for the electricity grid, as the efficiency of renewable energy depends on the season. In addition, ultra-high-voltage power lines have to be installed in order to efficiently integrate large-scale systems such as the Gobi Desert into the electricity grid.

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