Chrome OS 88 replaces all your passwords with one click

Chrome OS 88 permet de se connecter à des sites Internet avec un code PIN ou son empreinte digitale. © Google

The latest update to the operating system is compatible with Chrome OS 88, the WebOn Connection standard. This means that it is possible to link websites with a pin code or its fingerprint.

That’s why Password Now do not represent the best protection, but also because it is exhausting to enter your famous “mole” on each site, Google Is considering other means of connecting very safely to its most visited sites, whether it is an online merchant, its messaging system or social network. So, Chrome os 88 Provides two new types of connections.

The first is a PIN code that is associated with your password manager. Instead of memorizing all your passwords, simply create a four-digit code, and this is the code that will be requested each time you log on to a site. It is not new as a type of identity, and even Windows 10 Use this also. It is still faster to enter four digits than a 10 character password with upper case, lower case, numbers or special characters.

Le Standard WebAuthn

The second is not revolutionary either: it’s about your use Digital print, computer printing. The same principle as a pin code, it is its fingerprint that is used to connect to different sites and is clearly fast and practical. On one condition, however … this authentication system valid in 2018 is not yet normalized. This is the web authentication standard, or WebAuthn. If the most Browser Support it, the website also has to integrate it, and this is equivalent to two-factor authentication.

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Available in updates from Wednesday, Chrome os Includes other new features such as a dynamic screensaver with quick access to 88 functions and notifications. Basically, it is like the screen of your tablet or a Chromebook is a developed photo frame. Another novelty: the ability to quickly switch from one virtual office to another.

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