Cleaner apps for Android bring malware

Cleaner apps for Android bring malware

security specialist from McAfee Have discovered important cleaner apps for android system. They can bring malware to your smartphone and hide themselves very successfully.

Most apps disguise themselves as “apps with a clean slate” as little helpers. They ensure that junk is removed and also that battery performance is optimized or device management is optimized. But they actually bring chaos to smartphones: they run malicious services when installed, which don’t even require the app to run. Hence no active user interaction is required.

“You can’t find me!”

What makes malware disguised as cleaner apps especially sneaky is that they hide. They turn their own icon into a well-known icon, such as the “Google Play” icon. The name has also been changed – for example “Google Play” or “Settings”, as you can see in McAfee. video by can see well.

At first glance, you don’t mind anything, and you might even ignore it. And with that, the apps have successfully hidden themselves and saved themselves from being deleted.

In addition to annoying users with frequent pop-up ads, these malicious apps also invite you to run apps, for example, when you want to install, uninstall or update other apps on your smartphone.

Advertising on Facebook fuels confidence in malicious cleaner apps

In order to get these neat apps out of the way in the first place, their programmers created serious or official advertising pages on Facebook. A link to Google Play has been provided, Drum Kit has been spread across legitimate social media, and users can no doubt find these to be helpful apps.

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To introduce these apps to new users, malware authors created advertising pages on Facebook. Since this is a link to Google Play shared through legitimate social media, users will download it without any doubt.

Which apps are affected?

McAfee lists sneaky apps in his blog post:

  • junk cleaner
  • easy cleaner
  • power doctor
  • Very clean
  • full clean – clean cache
  • Fingertip Cleaner
  • quick cleaner
  • keep clean
  • clean air
  • carpet clean
  • cool clean
  • strong cleaning
  • meteor clear

If you have these apps installed: Remove them immediately.
Should you consider using such an app: DO NOT INSTALL IT HERE!

McAfee says that nearly 1 million users have already downloaded the app and have been affected as such. bleeding computer puts the estimate too high and talks of 7 million installations.

Source: McAfee, bleeding computer

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