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Even under today’s conditions, electric cars cause far fewer life cycle emissions than fossil-fuel ones – but they start with a CO2 backpack, Because making a battery requires a lot of energywhich is not yet fully clarified. It starts with the mining of essential battery raw materials, but a change is underway here as well: a project in Australia, which supplies lithium for Tesla, Ford and LG Energy Solutions, has been replaced primarily with renewables. Supplied by an island power plant. energy, the greatest ever found in such an environment.

95 MW Hybrid Power Plant

according to a Renew Economy Report Energy services provider Zentih Energy announced this week. With a hybrid power plant with a total output of 95 MW, it is intended to supply the Kathleen Valley Lithium Project in Western Australia, which is being developed by raw materials company Leontown Resources (see plan above). This name has been mentioned more frequently recently, because first battery maker LG Energy, then Tesla and finally Ford have already concluded purchase agreements for spodumene concentrate from the Leontown mine.

The hybrid power plant for the Kathleen Valley is set to be the largest in the raw material sector. According to Renew Economy, a gold mine in a similar area with a production of 56 MW has been in operation since mid-2021. A total of 95 MW for Leontown includes 30 MW of wind power, 16 MW of photovoltaics, a battery system with an output of 17 MW and another 5 MW for 27 MW gas turbines and diesel generators.

Reportedly, when the fossil engines are shut down, the mine will run on 100 percent renewable energy, Leontown’s CEO said. The target is to cross the renewable share of at least 60 per cent after complete expansion of hybrid power plants without grid connection. Lithium mining won’t be completely emissions-free, but cleaner – and with it batteries and electric cars.

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One-third to LG, Tesla and Ford

Production in the project is scheduled to start in 2024. It’s also envisioned in the Leontown agreement with Tesla, which the company says was signed this February — with the additional condition that deliveries should begin by 2025 at the latest. Having its own supplier LG Energy Tesla Achieves 150,000 Tons of Spodumene Concentrate From the second year onwards, as much as Ford, which made an additional $200 million loan to Leontown. As planned so far, the massive cleared mine is practically sold out.


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