Cocseti: Internet and Mass Media:

Cocseti: Internet and Mass Media:

TikTok blogger decided to find out how much of his personal information was collected by Amazon, a large online store. After sending a request and receiving the result, the girl was extremely surprised. on his video, published in TIC Toc Metro version in early September to attract attention Wednesday, October 20.

The blogger contacted the company with a request to send all data about her, including information collected from Amazon using Alexa’s smart column. It turned out that the company stored more than 3.5 thousand records obtained from a smart gadget. The information included the location of the girl and the contacts of her family and friends. At the same time, the blogger noted that he does not remember that he gave the device access to some of the listed data.

One of the files sent contained the exact coordinates of his home. The girl admitted to customers that she feels insecure because of such a discovery.

Amazon representatives said in response to the blogger’s claims that any other user could gain access to all of their personal files stored on the company’s servers. To do this, you need to send a request to Amazon Support. They also noted that they guarantee transparency of the process to all users.

In the comments under the video, the blogger’s subscribers were surprised that the girl did not know about this option. Some of them noted that people should carefully read the terms and conditions of the company before agreeing to all the agreements.


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