Code Introduction WhatsApp Chat .. Shortcut to Send Money

Popular social media platform WhatsApp has included the rupee symbol ₹ in its SMS service to make it easier for its users to transact.

WhatsApp is the most widely used information exchange processor internationally. Launched in 2009 for public use, the processor was acquired by Facebook in 2014. At present, more than 200 crore users are using WhatsApp processor.

WhatsApp has launched a money transfer service beyond just a text message service. In this way, WhatsApp has included the Indian Rupee symbol in the SMS service to make it easier for users in India to transact money through WhatsApp.

Similarly, WhatsApp has announced that users will be able to scan the QR code with the WhatsApp camera. This will enable users to transact money at over 20 million outlets in India.

With these new updates, making payments on WhatsApp has become a lot easier. WhatsApp has announced that soon all WhatsApp users in India will be able to transact with the code.

Speaking on the occasion, Manesh Mahatma, Director, WhatsApp Money Transfer India, Fintech International said, “We believe the real addition is that customers do not need to convert their payments over the phone. Millions of customers send WhatsApp messages every day. They spend several minutes on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used to take and send pictures. We want to make sending money as easy as sending a message.”

India moves into digital currency

Speaking on Digital Currency Transactions for India, he said, “Smartphones, data and technological innovations of the last decade have been the founding contributors to the Indian fintech revolution. India is at the beginning of its digital currency journey. More than 80 percent of consumers spend their money in cash. spend in

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Two-thirds of India is still rural. They see the benefits of digital innovation in the future. India needs a homogeneous, interconnected and easily accessible solution for digital money transactions for both rural and urban users. He said that the processors they rely on, such as WhatsApp, will be accepted in the same way.

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