Colors of Motherland | A British man buys an iPhone “online”… he finds a shocking thing wrapped in toilet paper

هواتف أيفون من شركة أبل


Online shopping has sometimes had disappointing results and a lot of damage, as happened with a British young man who bought the new iPhone 13 Pro Max phone, and paid more than a thousand pounds for it, but he got what he wanted. It was not the phone, but a surprise that shocked him and forced him to lose the money he had paid.

Young man Daniel Carroll finally found two bars of chocolate wrapped in toilet paper after he complained to DHL when he didn’t call. iPhone According to the British “Lable” website, the 13 Pro Max that he ordered and received yesterday instead of two Cadbury White Oreo chocolate bars worth £2.

Delivery company is investigating strange incident

The parcel was delayed by two weeks, prompting Daniels to go to the nearest DHL warehouse, which may have given her the phone, to pick it up. The delivery company has said it is investigating the incident and has asked the dispatcher to bring a replacement for Daniel.

Daniels published the incident on Twitter

The disgruntled shopper shared his displeasure on Twitter, writing about the strange incident, and an investigation was opened after that post, and the delivery company responded that they had asked.Camel» An alternate version via DHL, but when he contacted “Apple” himself, he said that they would not send a new phone until they received an inquiry from DHL and its results indicating the existence of .

Danley said, “I asked a manager at DHL if he could follow up again, but there doesn’t seem to be an urgent need to sort this out, and it was supposed to be a Christmas present, so it was really I’m hopeless.”

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