Colors of Motherland | Instant warning from virus entering over 200 applications: it withdraws your balance via text message

فيروس جديد يخترق تطبيقات الهواتف المحمولة


Social media users became concerned about the presence of a malicious virus called a “Trojan horse” by the research team of Zimperium anti-malware security company, which threatens the data of millions of users around the world.

. have got it new virus It is said to be a “Trojan horse” that infects over 200 applications that threaten Android users, as it stole millions of pounds in its hacking process, so we’re going through the following report for you all its details. Let’s monitor:

A new virus penetrates more than 200 applications on mobile phones

And experts found that from November 2020 until now, hackers stole about £34.5 million from Android users by hiding viruses in mobile phone applications targeting more than 70 countries, defrauding them with amounts of up to tens Was. Pound per month according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”.

There are an estimated ten million victims globally, and the virus has so far been able to evade antivirus software, hide in gadgets, dating apps, and puzzle games, with more than 200 malicious apps initially distributed through Google Play and associated App Store downloads. went. third parties.

Although Google has removed the apps from its Play Store, downloads are still available from third parties, and once you have installed malicious app, the virus takes the GPS and sends a pop-up advertisement in your language saying that you have won a prize and you should claim it immediately.

These pop-ups appear at least 5 times an hour until you finally accept the offer, and when you do, you’re redirected to a site page asking you to “Verify.” ” Forces you to enter your phone number.

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But your phone number is given to a premium SMS service that starts taking over £25 per month off your phone bill, and since you don’t need to enter your card details, you’ll have to report the theft for months. unlikely to be found.


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