Columbia establishes a renewable energy solar park

Colombia instala un parque solar de energía renovable para miles de familias

With the second phase of Bosques de los Llanos Solar Park delivery and construction of San Fernando Solar Park, Colombia progressed in its energy transition Providing safe, reliable and sustainable energy to thousands of families.

The second phase of Bosque de los Lenos Park, presented today for the community of Puerto Gatán in the Meta Department, has an installed capacity of 20 MW; This will generate 51 GWh of energy per year, equivalent to the consumption of 23,800 households, and will allow a reduction of about 19,450 tonnes of CO2 per year.

“A project brought by Trina Solar SAS is going to allow safe, reliable and sustainable energy to thousands of households in the energy grid. The project already has basically two phases: the first was 20 megabytes, the second 20 megabytes, which we are seeing today, ”said Colombian President Ivan Duke, when presenting the work.

This project is part of the incorporation policy renewable energy In the Colombian electricity matrix and according to the government, it represented nearly three times the country’s renewal in August 2018.

In November of last year, the first phase of the project was presented and the country is moving into the construction of the third phase, all developed by Matrix Renewables and Trina Solar.

With the development of these and other works, Columbia leads in the incorporation of renewable energy, “which will allow it to grow seven times more than its installed capacity for producing solar and wind power in 2022,” Duke said.

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The Colombian government also hopes to fulfill its objective of being the largest wind farm in the country’s history by the end of this year


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