Cosmote Now Offers Unlimited Internet! How can you get it!

  Cosmote Now Offers Unlimited Internet!  How can you get it!

A few seconds ago I got a great offer from Cosmote!

As you can see from the photo above, it gives free internet for 15 days!

But let’s see what it says inside by clicking on the image in the Cosmot application.

First, by whom should the activation of the offer be done 31/10/2021

The offer is for 15 days and gives you unlimited internet!

Unlimited Internet Gifts For You For 15 Days! Our way of saying thank you for your continued trust in Cosmote services which we continually upgrade for the best communication! Do you want it for XXXXXXXXXXXXX connections?

And he continues below, where he explains the terms of this offer:

The offer can be activated once till 31/10/21 and is valid for 15 days. The consumption of the supplied GB takes precedence over the MB of the program or other package. GB is not shared across additional devices, not even among members of the COSMOTE family. The offer cannot be consumed while roaming and is available exclusively for personal use. In case of malicious use of the Offer, COSMOTE reserves the right to reduce the download and upload speeds or even to interrupt the Offer for this connection.

By clicking on the activate option, the image changes and says that you will be notified of your request.

Where do you get the offer!? But in the application of Cosmot. When activated, you will receive the corresponding message

Do not enjoy your download internet for til 15 HMPES! IΣXYEI XPHΣH ENTOΣ . NA ETE TO EITE O MY COSMOTE APP

If you notice, he says this is for those who continue to rely on Cosmot, without clarifying that it’s only for those who have a contract or prepaid card. Surely, I hope, it is visible not only to me, but also to many other people who have Cosmote. There is no cost to visit the application until the end of the month the offer runs and you never know… you can go with unlimited internet for 15 days!

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