Court recognizes the right to swatch to use Steve Jobs’ catchphrase – UNIAN

Court recognizes the right to swatch to use Steve Jobs' catchphrase - UNIAN

These are the words that Steve Jobs traditionally presented at the end of each presentation to a new product from the company.

Every time this phrase jobs performed, ended the presentation photo REUTERS

Apple was unable to challenge the authority of the Swiss watchman Swatch’s trademark phrase Steve Jobs’ famous phrase “one more thing”.

read this alsoFor athletes and tourists: Apple is working on a more rugged version of the smartwatchAccording to Bloomberg, the London High Court, which was considering the case, ruled that Apple could not prevent Swatch from being used as a trademark. At the same time, the court admitted that by filing it, the Swiss company might want to offend Apple.

Apple vs Swatch

The Apple-Swatch trademark clash began in 2014, when Apple had to drop the iWatch name for its watches due to its similarity to the current iSwatch of the Swatch.

In 2015, Swatch applied to register the One More Thing trademark. Apple went to court, calling Swatch’s actions inappropriate, because the phrase, according to Apple, is closely associated with Apple’s history – words that Steve Jobs traditionally uttered at the end of each presentation , Submitted the project of any new company.

The trial court sided with Apple in the dispute, after which Swatch filed an appeal, stating that the above phrase was originally that of Lieutenant Kolobo, the protagonist of the famous espionage series. The London High Court upheld the Swiss company.

Apple lost a similar dispute with Swatch in Australia two years ago. Also in the same year, a Swiss court rejected the American manufacturer’s claim against Swatch for using the slogan “tick different”. Apple argued that the Swiss company had chosen this slogan for this purpose, as it is similar to Apple’s popular “think different” slogan. Kommersant.

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