Critical vulnerabilities affecting millions of Lenovo laptops

Critical vulnerabilities affecting millions of Lenovo laptops

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Chinese manufacturer Lenovo security updates for more than 100 Released its laptop model. It aims to close critical security gaps that allow attackers to install malware on devices that can hardly be detected remotely, Report Ars Technica,

3 critical gaps

Attackers can do this through a gap that is said to be on more than a million laptops UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which is located on the motherboard and is an important part of the interface between hardware and software.

There should be 2 more gaps firmware driver Can be exploited to disable further protective measures of equipment.

Security gaps discovered by security company researchers ESEThe too published an analysis on, Which Lenovo models are affected can be found on the one published by the manufacturer List can be seen.

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