Crypto Crash Hits Crypto Restaurants

Crypto Crash Hits Crypto Restaurants

They are pretty consistent in Bore and Hungry, but that doesn’t mean anything in a pub. You want pretty analog things like a double cheeseburger with onions or fries. The logo of the Long Beach Burger Joint is a bored monkey; bored monkey There is the OG-NFT, that is, the non-fungible token, the variant in which celebrities such as Post Malone have invested six-digit sums of money and which serves as a symbol of the complete digitization of the world. Only: Bored Onion Burger costs not 211 Dogecoin or 0.01 Ethereum, but $14.

Yes, dollars; And it’s quite disappointing at this place, which opened three months ago, claiming it was the world’s first crypto restaurant and thus completely digital. So: payments in cryptocurrencies, meeting to talk about current trends, exchanges for NFTs. The menu is intentionally bland – there are burgers and fries, with beef for all the stop-cancel culture folks and plant-based options for wake-goers. It’s called “The Boring Menu” in reference to the tunnel company of Elon Musk, the patron saint of digital believers. Messages on the wall, as far as metaphors go, therefore: Four monkeys and lots of rockets from Bor Yacht Club.

“On the Moon!” This was the hope of everyone investing in cryptocurrencies; that the course of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Neo and of course Stellar Lumen will be completely different from earth and earthly currencies; Weightless. So on the moon, because it promised immeasurable wealth to all who still invested in Earth’s atmosphere — and even Tesla boss and Twitter aficionado Musk invested and dogged Tweeted about the currency, Dogecoin. The Space-X mission “DOGE-1” around the Moon is planned for the end of the year. The cryptocurrency is currently worth six cents after peaking at 64 cents a year ago.

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The value of cryptocurrencies has fallen recently. Is this the reason you can no longer use it to pay at Bore & Hungry? I stood like this Los Angeles Times, “Fake news,” writes boss Andy Nguyen on Twitter about the report; A term digital believers often use when they are being told something they don’t like. Maintenance work happens from time to time, but Ethereum and Apcoin are still welcome. Well, during last week’s visit, apparently there was maintenance work again, but no one wanted to pay with cryptocurrency within an hour. In any case, the hype looks different; It’s as if the rocket’s power on its way to the Moon was exhausted and it returned to Earth.

And the burger? Really good taste. Does it cost $14 when California burger chain In-N-Out’s famous “double-double” costs $4.19 just five minutes away? Hmm. It would certainly be worth 14 Dogecoin, but they don’t even accept them without maintenance.


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