Crypto investors wanted to make a profit by donating to Ukraine

Crypto investors wanted to make a profit by donating to Ukraine

Use Ukraine crisis to your advantage? Many who supported Ukraine with cryptocurrency donations may have focused their attention on this, as the latter now shows. Many donors transferred only a small amount in exchange for the so-called “airdropTo receive. An airdrop means that crypto owners receive free coins or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in exchange for their investment – ​​in the case of the Ukraine crisis, their donation. In return, they can continue trading afterward. can.

But first things first: Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov Will happen end of february states that Ukraine accepts donations in cryptocurrency. Officially, the two largest cryptocurrencies were named Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wallet address where donations could be made was published on Twitter.

What actually happened

first day gone 2800 Ethereum transaction entered the wallet, a day later it was 3000 transaction. the third day was only 1200 transactions, so the number has already dropped significantly. The charities at that time did so to support Ukraine. But on March 2, a few days later, Fedorov announced that Ukraine could promise airdrops for just one day – until March 3. These airdrops will be free coins or free NFTs which can be traded later.

On the day Ukraine announced the adddrops, crypto transactions in Ethereum suddenly increased. 33,600 The transactions were done on March 2 and 25,600 Transactions recorded on 3rd March.

However, Ukraine withdrew the airdrop announcement later in the day. Instead, Ukraine announced that it would launch NFTs to support the country. On the other hand, the free coins were rejected – as it was found that “a great many people”, as Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov put it, had only been transferred in small amounts to receive an airdrop. . that report”Mashable“. “People wanted profit,” says Bornyakov. “I personally think it’s immoral.”

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