Crypto Ranking: Coincube: Germany and USA are the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. news

Germany and USA are considered the most crypto-friendly countries in the world

Germany With Friendly Laws and Sparkasse Bitcoin Plans

Crypto Experts Disagree With Germany’s Placement

Germany ranks first from the start of the year

Since 2021, crypto analysis company Coincub has been publishing a quarterly ranking of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. “With Coincube Ranking, we are trying to look beyond the numbers to find countries that are strategically positioned,” the website says. For each country’s ranking, factors such as crypto-related attitudes of the government, crypto-financial services, population attitudes towards the subject, taxes and infrastructure are evaluated.


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And so Germany and the United States finished in first place in the second quarter of 2022, with Germany already in this position in the first quarter. The United States was previously in third place, which is now occupied by Singapore.

Fidelity and Sparkasse scored with their bitcoin decisions

Germany’s rating in the first quarter was determined by Sparkasse’s announcement that it wanted to include investing in Bitcoin & Co. in its list of services. The fact that it recently backtracked in this regard and is now restricting itself to offering its own wallet for tokenized securities was made in the rankings by Germany’s progressive crypto law – Coincube According to “One of the best ideas of all”. A large number of crypto investors and bitcoin nodes also had a positive effect on the rating, as did the beneficial tax system.

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The United States ranks first in the CoinCube rankings alongside Germany as President Joe Biden has campaigned vigorously against better crypto regulations and crypto fraud in recent months. The initiative by financial services institution Fidelity to include bitcoin in its bond portfolio also played a major role. Coincube writes: “This decision is as important for bitcoin as for savings banks in Germany.”

Crypto experts consider Germany out of first place

But not everyone agrees with Germany’s appointment. Crypto and Germany expert Antonio Lukic explained on the BeInCrypto portal that Coincub had acted unfairly in the valuation. They see no point in financial institutions and banks positively evaluating bitcoin entry – after all, no one wants to independent themselves from such players holding cryptocurrencies. Among other things, it is inconceivable that Germany has done so well in the infrastructure category: compared to the canton of Lugano in Switzerland, for example, where the major crypto project “Plan B” has just started and bitcoin Has become the official means of payment, Germany actually lags far behind here.

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