Current information from the election committee on 12 September 2022

Current information from the election committee on 12 September 2022

in such circumstances Request and recommendation of election committee Applicants to the Executive Committee of SK Rapid ImmediatelyIn order to avoid holding a press conference or other publication in connection with an application, we ask you not to contact any employee of the Association or SK Rapid GmbH.

Applicants whose applications are received by the deadline will be informed of further processing by the Election Committee on September 21, 2022 and are requested not to make any public statements before that.

need this process Support a fair process in the interest of the union, The election committee is of the unanimous opinion that the election of the Executive Committee of the Association is an internal matter within the Association and therefore not suitable for aggressive discussion by candidates in the wider public.

The Election Committee asks for your understanding that it must acknowledge the violations in its evaluation.

that Election Committee of SK Rapid Full members have representatives, that is, Jurgen. eventuallyChristopher ninelings and paul AustrianRepresentative of the Board of Trustees Gerald NEWBER and eric Haider and representatives of the Presidium Nicholas rosenauer,

Information from the election committee till August 30, 2022

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