Cybercrime: Internet and Media:

Cybercrime: Internet and Media:

Ashot Hovhannisyan, founder of DLBI Data Leak Intelligence and Monitoring Service, in an interview with Prime Agency Nominated Ways to recognize surveillance via webcam. If we are talking about monitoring using tools built into the computer, then the indicator of the operation of the camera will work.

If malicious software is used, an indirect signal may be a request for access to the camera and microphone, the expert said. “In addition, a signal to control the camera can be unstable work of the applications that use it officially – for example, Skype, Zoom and other instant messengers, which suddenly lose access to it. And If you use a mobile device, a sharp increase in the amount of data transmission can also be a sign of video surveillance, ”he explained.

Hovhannisyan recalled that access to the camera is strictly controlled by the operating system, therefore, to gain access, you must either install your own software, or make sure that the user himself allows the connection. He also recommended not to install unknown programs from unknown sites or unofficial stores and to use antivirus.

The expert said video and audio are used by cybercriminals for compromising evidence and intimidation. Captured microphones are more difficult to turn off if the camera lens is wide enough to prevent surveillance, so eavesdropping is more dangerous from the point of view of leakage of confidential information.

Earlier, Deputy CTO for Business Development of Angara Group of Companies Ruslan Kosari. Nominated The main signs of a hacked smartphone. According to him, any unusual or suspicious activity on the smartphone can speak of cybercriminals “entering” the smartphone. He said one of the possible signs of a hack could be an increase in the battery discharge rate.

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