Cyberpunk will fix a 43GB update bug in 2077 days

Cyberpunk will fix a 43GB update bug in 2077 days

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CD project Red developer Fabian Mario Dohla has promised that ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will be augmented in one patch a day.

The highly anticipated game title has been criticized for the amount of errors and interruptions, but it is said that the GBGB GB update will make a huge difference.

Dohla reassured players that the patched title on the console would be “a different game” and suggested that the issues were down to reviewers playing the game in a higher setting than the PC could handle.

Responding to fans on social media, he added: “We also had these issues in Germany.

“These are mainly streaming issues – when the settings for your setup are too high the game is unable to stream content and the content starts to disappear (animation, audio dio, lip sync, objects budgets).

“Adjust settings and it works smoothly. (Sic)”

The game will start on December 10, with some people getting early access due to shipping errors, review copies and other similar situations.

Asked if “Fast SSD” would make a difference, Dohla replied: “Yes, absolutely.

“Even if you set everything to maximum / ultra you will run another hurdle at some point.

“It seems like a lot of people don’t realize that this game can conflict every (!) PC if you go crazy in settings. A lot of games haven’t done this recently.”

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