Dark Mode and new options; Notepad in the new Windows 11 | Notepad gets a new design in Windows 11

  Dark Mode and new options;  Notepad in the new Windows 11 |  Notepad gets a new design in Windows 11

vNotepad is one of the most basic applications in NDOS. It is an application that can be used to type any required notes or articles. HTML Notepad can edit and save many programming languages ​​like

Notepad is a text editor for all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 1.0, which was released in 1983. This is an application that has undergone many changes over the years, but no significant changes.

Notepad’s New Light Theme Photo: Microsoft

But Notepad is changing in Windows 11. The company has announced a newly designed Notepad. Available for Windows Insider on the Dev Channel. The Microsoft Dev Channel is made up of technically savvy people who are the first to make use of the latest technology.

Notepad has been introduced with many changes. Its user interface has been completely updated to be essentially compatible with the design of the Windows 11 OS. The rounded corners of app windows are one of them.

Notepad New Dark Mode Window | Photo: Microsoft

One important change in this is the dark mode. Microsoft says consumers have been demanding this for a long time. The white background makes it very difficult for the eyes. The Dark Mode option is available for all smartphones, computer software and apps. This system is very useful when typing at night. The design of the Find and Replace pop-up window has been completely changed.

New Find & Replace Option | Photo: Microsoft

Notepad will automatically accept the computer-themed background. It can be changed. You can change the look of the app in the new Settings menu. The settings are given in the right corner of Notepad. Font selection is also from this option.

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The Format and Help options that were previously at the top of Notepad have been removed. Instead, there are three options: File, Edit, and View. The Notepad logo has also been updated. It is clear from the look and feel of Notepad that this is not the case.

Ordinary users will still have to wait to see what the new Notepad looks like.

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