DDR5 for Ryzen 7000: AMD reveals the advantages

DDR5 for Ryzen 7000: AMD reveals the advantages

From Valentin Sattler ,
In a YouTube video, AMD explains what the company expects from DDR5 memory in conjunction with the new Ryzen 7000 processor. The main points are higher efficiency and better performance.

After Intel switched to DDR5 and PCI-Express 5.0 with Elder Lake processors in 2021, AMD is now following. The upcoming Ryzen 7000 CPU should also support both interfaces, and AMD recently published a video that emphasizes the benefits of DDR5 memory.

DDR5 and Ryzen 7000

In the nearly three-minute clip, Robert Hallock, head of technical marketing at AMD, explains what AMD to expect from DDR5. In addition to a general explanation of how RAM works — it only holds data during operation and serves as main memory — AMD specifically mentions performance and efficiency benefits.

In particular, the company expects that the use of DDR5, as opposed to DDR4, will be particularly exciting for overclockers to take advantage of the higher potential transfer rates. As a comparison value, it is mentioned here that DDR4 should only manage 4,000 mega transfers per second, while DDR5 is said to have 7,000 mega transfers. Especially sports should also benefit from this.

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However, with regards to notebooks, Hallock speaks of the higher efficiency that can be achieved with DDR5. However, as with the performance benefits mentioned earlier, it does not provide any concrete statistics. It remains to be seen whether the switch to (faster) DDR5 memory really won’t bring noticeable or measurable benefits to the Ryzen 7000 processors. Here, the first tests for the launch of the CPU will have to provide relevant data.

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