DeFi project accidentally self-destructs

Solana Projekt ausgeschaltet
  • While updating, the developers of the Solana trading platform OptiFi accidentally enabled self-destruct. The log is now offline.
  • As a result, the platform’s Total Value Locked (TVL) fund of $661,000 is permanently locked.
  • These are USDC stablecoins from user accounts or open trades. However, the OptiFi team has already announced the full Refunds to start.
  • The error was due to a misunderstanding of Solana’s program code.
  • according to a report good The developer accidentally introduced one of the team members to the program command “solana program close”. It acts like a “kill switch” on Solana, a programmed self-destruction of a protocol mainnet.
  • Developers previously tried to block the update due to the large crowds on Solana. Here another version of OptiFi was created, which one wanted to remove again with the “solana program close” command.
  • The developers themselves have stated that they “were not entirely clear about what this means for the protocol”.
  • In addition, OptiFi recommended that the people behind the Solana blockchain “add a warning for the use of program commands to the documentation”.
  • It seems that many developers of Solana are not aware of its consequences. OptiFi had to first experience how expensive it could be.

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