Delete whatsapp account?

Delete whatsapp account?

Internet Desk: Many people are quitting using WhatsApp due to their new privacy policy. Tech experts analyzing the new policy said that WhatsApp is providing user data to Facebook. On the other hand WhatsApp has also announced that ‘we will not give user data to anyone’. However, many people are removing the app because WhatsApp is no longer secure. However there are some things that we must do before removing. Follow them … take your data.

If you want to delete WhatsApp account on Android mobile … then follow these steps.

Open WhatsApp and click on the top three dot icon.

Go to the ‘Settings’ section.

After that, if you go to the ‘Account’ option … then there will be an option called ‘Delete My Account’.

Go to the ‘Delete my account’ option and it will ask you to re-enter your mobile number.

After giving the mobile number .. ‘What is the reason for deleting WhatsApp account?’ Asks.

After answering that question … click the ‘Delete My Account’ button at the bottom.

Then your WhatsApp account will be deleted. You can then uninstall the app.

However, in Apple Mobiles, the ‘Settings’ icon remains in the bottom menu bar. The rest of the process is similar to Android style.

After completing the above process and deleting the WhatsApp account … this process will take about 90 days to complete. If you want to use WhatsApp again, you will need to open a new account.

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If you want to take your data …

If you want to collect your data in WhatsApp before deleting WhatsApp account, then it has an option. For this, first go to the settings of WhatsApp. If you go to the Account section, it will say ‘Request Account Information’. Clicking on it will send your request to WhatsApp. However, the data you have asked will not be immediately available to you. WhatsApp will take your request and create your data in the backend and send a notification. Then go to the ‘Request Info option’ in the old system and there it will say ‘Download’. Clicking download will download as a zip folder.

If you don’t want everything …

Deleting a WhatsApp account … not all chat is required. If you want to apply only a few .. then there is an option. To do this, open the respective account / group and click on the three dot icon at the top. It is called ‘export chat’. If you click on it, the chat will be exported and saved on your mobile phone. However, only text is available. If you want photos and videos too … then the export will be saved in things like Google Drive, Gmail.

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