Delivery problems and customer anger: Here’s where Samsung’s worm is

Delivery problems and customer anger: Here's where Samsung's worm is

Sell, sell, sell – and where is the service?

Samsung customers keep complaining about the electronics giant. The latest reviews on Trustpilot are devastating. There are also delivery issues with the now grandly announced top smartphone S22.

BILD analyzes where the worm is currently hiding in Samsung.

Germany boss Man-Young Kim is apparently going through a tough time. Samsung Germany recently advertised the new S22 model with a lot of ad spend. Now customers have received this message: “The number of interest and pre-orders in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has exceeded our expectations.”

The S22 Ultra model is now arriving two weeks later than promised. Pre-orderers who placed orders 48 hours after the new launch also received this email.

Eventually: Samsung apologized with a 50 euro voucher. Samsung says: The normal S22 will be delivered as planned.

But there are other major construction sites in Samsung Germany as well: the independent portal Trustpilot gets almost only outright negative reviews. The last truly Glee review is from February 17th.

Excerpts from customers’ anger at Trustpilot:

  • “It’s already been over 2 months to the exchange.”
  • “Customer service is extremely poor and not solution oriented.”
  • “Extremely poor customer service that operates with a strategy of predictable delays.”
  • “Ordered a tablet with contract more than three months ago. Order is confirmed and transaction number created. Then for weeks nothing happened.”

BILD readers also contacted the editorial office.

An example: Worms mechanical engineer Alexander Fietsch (37) explains: “On November 26, I bought a TV in the Samsung online shop for 1579 euros. It should be given after a week. But Samsung canceled the delivery.”

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He sought support from BILD in January. Editors hit out at Samsung. Lo and behold: the device was finally delivered on January 28. Fietsch: “Thanks, Bild!”

Finally thanked BILD: Alexander Feitsch with his Samsung televisionPhoto: Private

Samsung says: “In the mentioned customer request, there was a very rare case during delivery: a delivery that was initiated was never delivered for unknown reasons.”

Why Samsung didn’t respond to reader complaints in advance is unclear.

another example case

Samsung often advertises bonuses when certain products are purchased. Customers are happy only when the transaction is done. There has been a further delay in sending a 150 euro voucher to Google Play for already verified purchases of the Galaxy Watch 4.

On February 4, Samsung responded to a customer complaint as follows: “Your satisfaction is our most important asset and we are aware of the deadline of 02/03/2022.”

The Samsung-appointed Brand Added Value Agency (which handles the shipping of the bonus campaigns) has not responded to date.

A Samsung spokesperson acknowledged: “There was a delay in sending vouchers for the Google Play Store, which is still ongoing.”

no more delivery date

In order not to potentially cause further frustration among customers, the German online shop is currently refraining from naming delivery dates on the website for many products (including such as accessories) – often requiring the group to reassemble them. Does matter.

A Samsung spokeswoman: “Customers who add a specific device to their shopping cart will see a delivery time before they complete the checkout process.”

Sparfochs Verdict: Samsung Germany must gain trust as soon as possible. It deals with reliable communication and keeping promises – not with further special offers that can then be delivered.

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