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Due to its minimal and continuously digitized electric cars, which can be updated by radio to a new software version, Tesla is often compared to Apple, In one case, however, the company consistently avoids approaching the spirit of the iPhone: Unlike many other manufacturers, Tesla does not offer integration according to the CarPlay standard, which is used to transfer content from a smartphone to a car screen. Is. The reason for this is probably control over customer data and interactions. But there’s now a way for hobbyists to at least get CarPlay on their Teslas.

Detros Leads to CarPlay for Tesla

Polish developer Michal Gapinski reported this on Sunday, when he unveiled a new version of its software called Tesla Android 2022.25.1. The passage of iPhone content to Tesla screens apparently goes through a detour of the free Android smartphone operating system. But according to Gapinsky, it now works with any of the company’s electric car models.

If you want your own Tesla to have the Apple spirit, you’ve got to put in some effort for a while. One long guide Point out that this requires, among other things, two small Raspberry computers. Android is installed on the strong one, there is a Linux version on the other, and everything is connected to the Internet and related Tesla with an additional LTE modem and cable. As a YouTube video shows, then you can use an iOS app like Maps or Top Apple Music, which some Tesla owners really missed Via the central touchscreen in the car.

Gapinski finds other hackers accessing otherwise closed Tesla systems via integrated browser For example, Windows applications have already been built to run to keep. In the video, he first shows the release notes of his own Android software on the Model 3 or Model Y’s large touchscreen and then goes through applications like Apple Music, YouTube or Maps. After tapping on the icon, they react as usual, and they do it with ease. Audio playback continues even when the developer brings other images, such as the rear camera in Tesla, to the display.

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Rumors about the App Store for electric cars

Gapinsky wants to eliminate the need for two separate raspberries later, but some vulnerabilities are likely to remain compared to integration at the direct manufacturer level. So you do not see the Apple screen in Tesla in full screen, but only in the area that the browser is intended for. In some countries, the browser must also be blocked while driving, so you can’t access iPhone music or maps through it. And while Apple recently announced deeper CarPlay integration into car systems, Tesla has been reluctant to use it. On the contrary, there have been rumors for some time Tesla may have its own app store for its electric cars based on Apple models To create


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