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“Diablo II: Rebirth of Hellfire” ended its technical beta test last weekend and players who qualified for the test can once again immerse themselves in this classic Blizzard ARPG game. Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

“Diablo II: Hellfire Rebirth” ended its technical testing last weekend. Players who have qualified testing can once again immerse themselves in this icy classic ARPG game. The higher the picture quality, the better the map of texture. And Diablo is not lost. The second is the classic flavor, but there are also some bugs, such that the character will not be transparent, but will be blocked in the back of the building, and even players have resorted to mimicry. Regarding these good and bad, the development team said today that the game is still being completed, and those that need to be removed will be removed. For some bugs that are biased to “features”, such as AI settings. Demons, they will remain.

Blizzard Entertainment today arranged for “Diablo II: Rebirth of Hellfire” game producer Matthew Cederquist and game designer Andre Abrahamian to accept a joint interview with Taiwan and Hong Kong media on feedback on several technical tests and ideas for the development process It was discussed.

What the players like best in technical testing is definitely the beauty of the picture quality. A few days ago the development team had hoped that the art style of the remake would be presented in a 73 ratio, 70% reproduced, and another 30% expected the game to be in the story, character richness and The emotional presentation is more in-depth. Players can see from the first two chapters that the environment has added many objects and become more fragile; If you have a chance to play the third chapter, the high density vegetation of the Quraysh and the special sounds of the forest will be presented in more detail. . In chapter 5, the harrogas, the snow scene and the sound of snow flying are also noticeable.

Technical testing has just ended. Automatically raising gold coins is one of the changes that has been well received by players. Andre Abraham said that the team’s biggest principle is to hope that the player’s game experience is as close to the original game as possible. . Changes are to be made more convenient for players; But I don’t want to make too many changes to simplify the game, such as a storage box “. Because in the past players have already thought of” opening the trumpet “as a warehouse,” it’s a compromise that The players have come together. Won’t change too much, “We think that since this is something that the player will do, we will help a little bit, so some storage boxes can be shared.”

As of the new version, the information will be redesigned. Players can view the characteristics of the character list. There will be an advanced capacity table, so that players can more clearly understand the data behind. Although it was originally in the game. The new version will make it easier for players to view related information.

Andre Abrahamian said:

Andre Abrahamian said: “A lot of the players actually gave a very positive outlook, at least to convince the team that the direction of the remake was right, which gives us a lot of confidence.” Photo: provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

“A lot of the players actually gave a very positive outlook. At least it gives the team confidence that the remake is in the right direction. It gives us a lot of confidence.” Andre Abrahamian stated that many players prefer to switch between the original screens. And contemporary screens, and screen zoom in and zoom out functions. At the same time, some players reported that the game login or transition time is long, but they also said that the game is still being produced, and the team will collect feedback from players at any time, in the next wave of demos. Hope to see.

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Speaking of BUG issues, the Diablo Duo team said that people would get blocked behind a wall and use the item copy function maliciously. Some monsters have “weird” AI. This is strange. Rather than treating it as a bug, it is better to say that monsters basically have such characteristics, so players should make good use of it without modification.

Being able to use the controller to play is also an attraction of the Diablo Duo. Figure: provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Being able to use the controller to play is also a highlight of the Diablo Duo. Figure: provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Another well-received player is the “controller handle”. This innovative idea has also successfully won the consolation players’ favor. Andre Abraham explained that they are very clear that “Diablo II” has never supported the joystick, which also makes the design. The team has plenty of room to design, and this renovated work is an excellent host experience.

Even though, after all, Diablo II is a computer game, there are still many interface operations and combat designs that are not smooth on the handle, such as moving objects, synthetic potions, belt potion supplements, and even spellings. -Casting specified skills, such as wizardry. Fire wall, teleportation etc. In this regard, the development team stated that the design of the joystick operation is to balance the original Diablo II game mode with the feature provided by the joystick. Current teleportation is controlled over a fixed distance, and the Magic Fireball is directional. But the joystick club’s interface is still being adjusted, and there are still some adjustments that have been made or not done enough.

Speaking of the next phase of multiplayer testing, Matthew Cedarquist stated that the team is currently following a step-by-step approach, that is, in the hope that every step is done right, in a very hasty task. Not for, and still trying to collect opinions from players on technical testing. There is no news about multiplayer mode. In addition, the 27-minute animation re-production was officially announced a few days ago, although it cannot be seen at the stage of technical testing, but the development team said that players were not allowed to watch the newly produced animation. The game is expected to be launched first. “I can guarantee the animation should be very good.”


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