Did Nintendo just hint at the new Nintendo Switch?

Did Nintendo just hint at the new Nintendo Switch?

Did Nintendo just hint at the new Nintendo Switch? Since last year, there have been rumors of a “Nintendo Switch Pro” and “Nintendo Switch 2”. This year, these rumors have increased reports from some pretty reliable sources, but for now, that’s just it: rumors and reports. That said, while Nintendo has not officially confirmed that it will build another Nintendo Switch model following the Nintendo Switch Lite, it is pretty clear that it is going.

For one, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X set to release in November, they’ll have to do it if they want to have some big and significant third-party games on their system. Nintendo has never been in a power game, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X will look like dinosaurs to the current switch.

Nintendo also prefers hardware iteration. It worked for them, and more importantly, it worked for the switch as well. Switch Light was a big hit movie and continues.

That said, while Nintendo, as expected, continues to be secretive about what happened, it was mostly hinting at a new Nintendo Switch, or more specifically, a more powerful Nintendo Switch.

The hint came during a recent Nintendo management briefing session, and by the company’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, who revealed that Nintendo sees the switch in the middle of its lifecycle. Next, Furukawa shared that Nintendo plans to extend this life-cycle. Appreciating this, the president of Nintendo also revealed that Nintendo has traditionally demanded traditional technology to come at a lower price, however, Furukawa said that Nintendo has also explored sophisticated technology, signaling a further revision. The switch will be rumored to be the Nintendo Switch Pro.

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On this issue, Furukawa revealed that the switch combines a handheld and a traditional console in a sense Nintendo now has the time and resources to invest in a single platform. The suggestion here, of course, is that the Switch will have all the support of Nintendo, which hasn’t happened for many of its previous machines.

For now, it remains to be seen what Nintendo will do next, but it is increasingly clear that it is far from done with the switch, and the hardware coming from it will be part of the switch family.

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