Discounts on iPhone 12 and 12 Mini: Get them cheaper

Discounts on iPhone 12 and 12 Mini: Get them cheaper

In the new generation of the new iPhone 12, the truth is that there are not many offers, especially if we talk about the official store. However at other providers like Amazon, you can find interesting discounts on some models. So if you are thinking of buying a new iPhone 12 or 12 Mini now. In this article, we will tell you the complete information about this new offer.

Iphone 12 prices on amazon

As we say, right now on Amazon you can find some interesting offers when buying iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Both these models can be found in different colors and storage. Each of these variants has a different discount that will be tailored based on what you choose. Below, we break all these exemptions in terms of Iphone 12

  • iPhone 12 64GB with storage:
    • Blue and Red: 140.03 Euro discount.
    • White, Black and Green: 134 euro discount.
    • Mauve color: 91 euro reduction.
  • IPhone 12 with 128GB storage:
    • Blue color: 100 euro discount.
    • White color: 93 Euro discount.
    • Mauve, green and red color: 80 euro discount.
    • Black color: 109 euro discount.
  • iPhone 12 with 256GB storage:
    • Blue, White, Red and Green: 150 euro discount.
    • Mauve and red color: 110 Euro discount.
    • Black color: 144 euro discount.

Iphone 12 mini water

If you prefer to have a smaller screen, you can opt for it Iphone 12 mini However the battery has to be discarded among other things. They remain practically identical in processor and other benefits in the rest of the features. In this case, the exemption that can be obtained is the following:

  • IPhone 12 Mini with 64GB Storage:
    • Blue, White, Black and Pink: 70 euro discount.
    • Red and green color: 74 Euro discount.
  • IPhone 12 Mini with 128GB storage:
    • Blue, White, Black, Red and Green: 80 euro discount.
    • Mauve Color: 23 Euro discount.
  • IPhone 12 Mini with 256GB storage:
    • Blue, Black and Green: 80 euro discount.
    • White color: 100 euro discount.
    • Mauve Color: 60 euro discount.
    • The colour red: 97 euro discount.
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Amazon warranty

Just like when you buy an iPhone from the official Apple Store, you can also enjoy the same guarantee on Amazon. When shopping in Spain they are governed by similar rules in this regard. The first year of guarantee is given with Apple and the second with Amazon, this is not really a problem as Amazon’s technical service is also of the highest quality. This is also in addition to the fact that extended Apple Care + warranty service can be contracted.

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