Do not miss seeing it .. 7 unexpected reasons your phone battery drains quickly

نفاذ بطارية الهاتف المحمول

Follow-up – Ali Mualla:

Nothing happens by waiting for an hour or two until the phone’s battery is fully charged, then a few hours pass and the phone starts sending signals that the battery is running out of charge, so you suddenly find this person Turn to one which is a walk for a place to charge the phone or you get frustrated when you realize that you have forgotten the charger at home.

But since the treatment of any problem starts with knowing its causes, in this article we will review the most popular reasons for the rapid decrease of battery charge:

1. A large number of applications remain open on mobile phones even if you are not using them.

2. Using high brightness on the phone also causes the battery to deteriorate quickly.

3. Some applications such as Google Maps consume Internet data to continuously determine your location, which burns the phone’s battery.

4. Failure to update the mobile operating system, such as Android and iOS, is also one of the reasons for the lack of fast battery. Modern operating systems are supported by modifications and solutions to many problems in older operating systems, including rapid reduction. battery charge.

5. By setting the device to connect to Wi-Fi at all times, it pulls off the battery charge, it is best to turn this feature off.

6. Receiving notifications from all applications on your device, such as social media applications and games, can destroy the battery.

7. The use of poor-quality types of chargers negatively affects your phone, so it is always better to use the original types to preserve battery life for as long as possible.


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