Do you hike with Google Maps? this could be a bad decision

 Do you hike with Google Maps?  this could be a bad decision

Why isn’t Google Maps always suitable for hiking? It is explained quite simply. To always be up to date and identify new routes for the users, the app tracks the walking routes of the users. If a route is frequently walked by multiple users, it will eventually appear as a path on the map. The problem with this is that Rangers and Hunters also have apps installed on their smartphones and these routes also end up in the system. However, these are not official hiking trails. Instead, such routes often become dead ends, or worse, for nature reserves and biosphere reserves.

Hopefully by now everyone has come to know that we have to protect our forests. But if we don’t leave trash, don’t set up campfires and otherwise behave appropriately in the woods, there can be consequences for the environment if we take a wrong turn because of an app.

How Can We Make It Better? You don’t have to depend on your smartphone. The most easily accessible hiking routes are indicated. You’ll find signposts or markers to help you find your way. If you still prefer to navigate with your smartphone, you should get a good hiking app with valid routes.

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