Don’t worry if your ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Steam download stops 57.4 GB

Don't worry if your 'Cyberpunk 2077' Steam download stops 57.4 GB

If you’re wondering why the Twitter “57.4” number is mysteriously trending, the number is oddly unique as it suggests. Cyberpunk 2077 Just unlocked at 7:00 tonight on Steam and Stadia, giving us a simultaneous global launch against the rolling console launch. When that happens, the game goes to download some more data even if you have overloaded. And, for a ton of people, that download number is stuck at 57.4GB.

So if you’re wondering exactly what’s going on, don’t worry. This happened to me, it stuck for a while, and then the download was reset. From what I can tell, this exact thing is happening all over the social media – and it’s solved just like me.

I’m curious about exactly what’s going on here, so I can reach out to CD Project Red and see if there’s an answer.

Once the download resumes you can basically launch it as soon as it is finished, almost as if the background installation is underway.

I’ve been playing the game for a little over an hour now, and it’s weird so far: even after you promise the character creator and the unique, customizable main character, the game doesn’t really work that way. Once V starts talking, your idea of ​​who he was is overridden by the voice actor’s personality and writing. The start was also significant on non-rails, and it has only stalled for a while so far during my playtime. I believe things are going to open up, but nonetheless, these early moments seem a little more rigid than expected.

But it’s the first hour or so, which is important but just a lot. It’s also imaginatively sleek and stylish, as well as a new way for me to take my new superpowered PC for a test drive. Stay tuned for more in the morning.

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