Download Mirae HD Shredder on Chip for Free

Download Mirae HD Shredder on Chip for Free

If you sell, give away, or borrow your hardware for a short period of time, there’s still some personal data on it—even if it’s already been deleted and removed from the Recycle Bin. That’s why you should never leave the storage medium empty.

For really safe removal, you need a special file shredder like mire hd shredder 5, As a chip reader, you get the Download Easter Nest 2022 in Standard Edition software completely free of charge – but only for a short time!

Securely delete all data: Mirae HDShredder completely destroys

Apart from the erase functions, the tool also has other disc tools.

Image: Chip

But how exactly does this secure deletion work? With such specialized deletion software, the areas of the storage medium that have been freed from deletion are sometimes overwritten with random values, so that files located there can no longer be restored even with specialized software. .

The Standard Edition, which you find here, includes three different deletion methods:

  • secure quick delete
  • high security erase
  • international erasing standards

As a rule, quick deletion is completely sufficient. The safer the removal process, the longer it will take. This is especially true if you want to truncate the entire hard drive or partition.

Of course, you should be especially careful when deleting data in this way, as you can’t save this content yourself once you’ve played it through Mirae HDShredder.

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