Dozens of Violations by Turkish Drones

Dozens of Violations by Turkish Drones

in New challenging exercise Ankara, which now uses drones on a daily basis (UAV) in reference to his attempt to challenge Greek sovereign rights in the Aegean. two days before his arrival in Greece Six new Rafale fighter jets, which would strengthen the Greek Air Force and substantially change the balance of power, the Turkish Air Force did 28 violations of national airspace, of which 25 were built by unmanned aircraft, a crime was the overflight he again inflicted on her Kandeliusa Island Turkish UAV to the west of Nisyros. The other three violations were committed by Turkish fighters. F-16, In four cases there were skirmishes between Greek and Turkish fighter planes. According to Geeta, there were also six violations of air traffic rules. athens fir, Turkish aircraft (10 F-16, 1 UAV and 1 ATR-72) moved in Northeast, Central And south east aegean,

According to Gita, as per established practice, the above aircraft were identified and intercepted as per international regulations.

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