“Driver disconnection”: Uber-style ban

90% des 51 chauffeurs déconnectés interrogés travaillaient pour Uber depuis deux ans ou plus.

VTC platform “Disconnect” Sometimes without warning to drivers. The reasons are different.

He worked for Uber for years and banned the app overnight. For these drivers, who refute brutal methods, it is about locating and recognizing their rights in what they describe as unfair dismissal. “I started my day at 6:00 am, scored three runs and closed the app to take a break. When i turned it back on i was stuck»

Charifa Al Idrisi worked for Uber for three and a half years. On October 13, 2020, she was abruptly banned from the app and would never have access to it again. Charged “Fraudulent activities while using the application», He is permanently cut off. “You are not likely to appealUber told him in his email. Despite several reminders and meeting requests, which went unheard, he still does not know the reason for his disconnection. “I want to know», Hammers the young woman.

«I was a diamond driver, my rating was 4.94 / 5 and a 97% acceptance rate», Insists Charifa al Idrisi, who suddenly found herself with many members of her family without income under her care. She intends to sue, but for lack of means, she waits to touch the solidarity fund Kovid is open to businesses affected by the crisis.

Proceedings before Labor Courts

Ahmed Sauna, who was cut in March just before the first imprisonment after serving two years in Uber, has initiated a process before the Industrial Tribunal. “I don’t really see what i did», Assures the young man in his thirties. Like Charifa al Idrisi, he is accused of violating a clause of the Terms of Use without explanation. Every month he worked for Uber, Ahmed Sauna says he was cut off between 7 and 10 days after refusing a purchase. Till the decision is final. He only “No right to unemployment after disconnection»And now thanks to the solidarity fund.

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Jérôme Giusti is a lawyer and with his firm, he defends about 270 drivers who are victims of the same accident. For each of them, he asks before the Industrial Tribunal “Damage for dismissal without actual or serious reason“. Although the relationship between Uber and drivers is not based on an employment contract, “You can’t end a business relationship unilaterally and immediately like thatCall me Gusty. Lawyers often say, “They are the oldest drivers, the most sought afterWhich are cut off.

According to a survey conducted by INV Union, 90% of the 51 disconnected drivers worked for Uber for two years or more. They traded an average of 4,199 euros per month and worked 58 hours per week. About eight out of ten say they have been bitten without warning and nine out of ten say they have no recourse.

Due to disconnection

In July, Uber added an addendum to its terms of service, stating that the company “Can be permanently banned»Access to application«For no particular reason and at any time“. The notice must be sent thirty days in advance, but there are several exceptions that allow Uber to refuse to do so. “We try to give as much context as possible“Says Ram Sakar, a spokesman for the American firm. “But it is clear that, in terms of a deactivation for security reasons, we will not tell the driverUber continues.

The platform also ensures non-compliance of documents (license, personal driver card …), fraud (account rentals). “Safety keeping“, Such as physical or verbal attacks reported by customers.”When events go back to a driver, we resort to disconnecting time to check each other’s versions.», Indicates Rym Saker.

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Branded by Uber as a clown card, Motif disconnected himself in late 2019 by Brett Ben Ali, Secretary of the INV Union. In the case of Charifa al-Idrisi, “We were just told, we have no explanation for you», Declares union representative.

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