DrLupo Is The Best Fall Guys Player In The World

DrLupo Is The Best Fall Guys Player In The World

Update: Popular Twitch streamer DrLupo has been awarded the special Fall Guys costume, officially securing his place as the current best Fall Guys player in the world–or The Fallen One, as it has been dubbed. DrLupo posted a clip on August 21 showing off the unique costume, which you can see below. The official Fall Guys Twitter account confirmed this as well.

Original story follows…

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has become something of a phenomenon, and out all the game’s players, one of them is the best–but they did not have proof until now. The Fall Guys Twitter account has said that one player out there, the “statistical best” one, has received an early costume–but they can’t say who. In fact, they aren’t even sure who it is. Whoever that person is, however, could also be a little confused about why they have the costume.

The hashtag “#TheFallenOne” is now trending on Twitter, but the account reports that they’re still not sure who has the costume. Will the best Fall Guys player identify themselves? Are they watching Twitter?

Are they, perhaps, reading GameSpot right now?

The social media team for Fall Guys has been putting the work in. They recently promised to delete the yellow team if a tweet hit 1 million retweets–it’s currently hovering at just over 200,000. They’ve also been pitting brands off against each other in a bidding war for a Fall Guys costume, which would cost them a charitable donation.

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Fall Guys is available on PS4 and PC, and might eventually come to other platforms. The game’s latest patch tweaks a few finale games and prevents multiple team games in a row, which might or might not help you finally snag that crown.

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