Dropbox wants your photos from Google Photos


Dropbox announced last Tuesday that it would be adding even more features to its famed password management service, while it now also adds Ability to upload photos in original package.


Dropbox last year announced its password manager as a solution for its users to store their passwords securely. After a while they made it available in the basic package i.e. for free. However, they lacked the key features that make them competitive solutions. Now, something like that is changing, as the service announced the following:

  • An additional Dropbox password to store browsers and autocomplete passwords.
  • Ability to share passwords and save credit and debit cards.

The all-new password feature will be available to Dropbox Basic, Plus, Family, and Professional users of the service.

On the other hand, we have the ability to upload photos in the basic package. The truth is that this is nothing new for iCloud or Google Photos users. However, Dropbox can now be used as a backup add-on for photo uploads, even with Google restrictions. In short, Dropbox encourages you to turn off photo uploads to Google Cloud and replace that solution with Dropbox. Now, what exactly does this offer, since Google gives 15GB of space and Dropbox 2GB, we leave it to you.

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