Durst 360° – Your Vision of the Future

Durst 360° - Your Vision of the Future

On September 30th, the hi-tech industrial company will give exclusive insights into its work areas.

With the guiding principle of “From Pixel to Output” Durst Technology provides a complete package. and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, physics, chemistry, and software. Photo: Rolf Neighbor

Durst is a leading manufacturer of industrial digital printing machines in the fields of large format, label, textile, ceramic and packaging printing. We develop our products completely ourselves, produce them at our company’s headquarters in Brixen and Lienz and then sell them to customers around the world. Our solutions are a combination of high quality hardware (machine and system) and specialized software, service and consulting proposals. As an employer, Durst thus covers the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, physics, chemistry and software.

Working in Durst is a lot, but certainly not monotonous. This is also reflected in our approximately 35 different job descriptions, which are closely linked in various departments to develop, produce and sell our high quality products.

On Friday, September 30th, 2022 at 5:00 PM, interested parties can immerse themselves in the world of hi-tech company and various fields (research/lab, development, software, customer service, production) and get to know their Conversation. Program Detail:

5:00 pm: Guest reception by management, By 7:15 pm: Presentation of the company’s areas, workshops and tour, Until 8:00 pm: Lectures, facts and figures, 9:30 pm: Meet & Hello

partnership is only with online registration possible.

Katja Fuerhapter – [email protected], tel: +43 4852 71777 – happy to answer any questions.

Durst Austria GmbH, Julius-Durst-Strae 11, 9900 Lienz, durst-group.com


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