Egypt..A father committed a heinous crime against his two sons and security continues


Reuters Mohamed Abd Al Ghani

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Egypt’s Sinhaut village in the center of Minya al-Qamh witnessed a gruesome crime committed by a father against his two minor sons.

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Egypt's judiciary delivers its final verdict in an incident

In the description of this traumatic incident, the father was angry in the morning because of the quarrel of his two children, so he beat them until they lost their strength and then left the house, and then he poured petrol in his house When the two brothers were sleeping, and set them on fire to discipline them.

After about 30 minutes, the smell of the fire reached the neighbours, causing both the brothers to shout and plead for help to save the people, but the fire was very strong and all rescue efforts failed until the fire brigade. And after the charred bodies of the brothers were found, civil defense teams came and doused the fire.

And as soon as there was news from the people that a fire broke out inside a house in which two brothers were killed, the security forces reached the spot.

The investigation and investigation revealed that the fire was caused by a criminal suspicion, as it was found that the father was the perpetrator of the crime, and he set fire to discipline his two sons, and the security services were successful in arresting him. .

The Public Prosecution Office, which investigated the incident, was informed, and ordered the handing over of forensic medicine for the autopsy of the two brothers, and then authorized their burial. It also ordered the detention of the accused for 15 days pending investigation.

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