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nio akkutausch station zusamarshausen

Chinese electric car companies heading to Europe: In addition to BYD with three models, Nio also wants its first instance before the end of the year Limousine ET7 for early buyers in Germany, among other places hand over. A special feature is that Nio brings its concept of quick battery replacement at specialized stations. The first German went online last week and the second one appears to be on the way. But in an interview shortly before the official launch, the startup’s founder complained: High power costs and bureaucracy would slow down Nio in Europe, said William Lee, who is still CEO.

Exchange station for electric car battery

that A8 . at the big sortimo charging park Nio’s first power swap station in Zusmarshausen, Bavaria Arise, in early September cannot be ignored. At the end of the month, the company confirmed that it was live ahead of the first E7 delivery this Friday (see photo above). Final work was reported from Berlin this week on a SWAP station in Spandau and a Neo House near the Zoological Gardens, and another SWAP station is being built in a large charging park in North Rhine-Westphalia.

So Nio is pretty much ready for a Germany debut this week. However, according to founder Lee, the company is making slower progress than planned in Europe. When setting up battery changing stations, you’re behind time, he admitted An interview with the Financial Times (FT) Opened last week. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the high cost of electricity, the other is the lengthy approval process.

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Nio recently reported its 1,100th barter location in its home country and announced that it would like to realize 1,000 more in the rest of the world, primarily Europe, by 2025. In China, construction of stations was fairly quick and efficient, Li said, according to the FT report. The same was expected for European expansion, but the pace achieved here has been slow. A little Nio seems here so such experiences happen Tesla with lengthy approval process for its German Gigafactory close.

Nio Boss: Two years for the new Transformers

For example, it is difficult to obtain building permits for exchange stations in Europe, Lee said, according to the FT report. It takes a lot of effort and time to communicate with the responsible authorities and other bodies. In such a situation, it may take up to two years to install a new transformer. There should be five Nio stations in Norway by the end of this year, but so far there are only two.

According to the FT, the NIO boss named European electricity costs, which have risen sharply in recent months due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, as another breaking factor, but did not go into detail. Li also sees delays as a result of rising battery costs – but not in sales of electric cars, but in its profitability. You have to find the right “cadence” here, said the founder of the company, which is listed on the US stock exchange and reported a loss of $411 million for the second quarter of 2022.

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