Electric Skoda Enyaq iV: Optimized battery management and infotainment


In the future, Skoda Auto will install the new software version ME3 for the Enyaq iV which has already been delivered. The update brings optimization in battery management to the SUV and its SUV coupe variant and thus enables a longer range. In addition, the new software offers adjustments to the “digital cockpit”, heads-up display, infotainment system and online services of Skoda Connect.

Customers will be contacted by their local Skoda partner to arrange a free service appointment. According to the car maker, the new software is installed within about five hours in the workshop. Future updates will then be mostly “over the air”, ie via the network. new vehicles of anac ivy as well as anac coupe ivy Already the new software works ex.

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In the battery and charging area, the new software offers a battery maintenance mode, among other things. If enabled, the battery pack is charged to a maximum of 80 percent during the next charging process to protect the battery and extend its service life. According to koda, the full storage capacity and maximum charging speed of the power source is available at all times, if required.

In conjunction with the “Enhanced Battery Charging Capacity” tool, the maximum charging capacity is increased from 100 kW to 120 kW (from model year 2022) for vehicles with 62 kWh batteries, and from 125 kW to 135 kW for models. Large 82-kWh battery pack. Thanks to the improved thermal management of the battery, the actual range of the Enyaq iV family increases, according to Skoda, but does not name any specific values. The charging and range graphic in the infotainment system now also shows the destination and required charging stops.

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There have also been improvements to the digital cockpit and heads-up display, which now shows, among other things, the current battery charge level. The reversing camera also provides enhanced contrast. The driver can quickly switch back and forth between Adaptive Distance Assist and “Travel Assist” using a button on the multifunction steering wheel. In addition, the range of functions of the Skoda Connect online services has been expanded.


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