Elon Musk announces a temporary suspension of Twitter and calls for another application

إيلون ماسك يعلن التوقف مؤقتا عن استخدام تويتر ويدعو لتطبيق آخر

The CEO of SpaceX, US billionaire Elon Musk, announced in a tweet on Twitter that he had temporarily stopped using the popular application, as “Elon Musk” decided to subscribe to the new social media application. Club houseWhere my company CEO announced Tesla And SpaceX It was told through his Twitter account.

Elon Musk

Wasted opportunity You Indian, has announced its support for the first messaging app The hint People are urged to “use” The hint“In view of the privacy of online chatting, now, the new app that catches his attention is the voice chat app only. Club house From a company Alpha Exploration Co.

Mask Support for Clubhouse App
Mask Support for Clubhouse App

What is it Club house 4

ready Club house This is an application that can only be accessed by invitation, meaning that no person can chat with anyone without accepting the invitation, and since it relies on voice only, sending text messages Not possible, and through Club houseIn, people can be invited to virtual rooms where they can discuss and discuss topics of common interest..

Musk was critical of the Facebook application for social media, and was even asking people to remove the application once, and in 2017, he said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s future of artificial intelligence Understanding was “very limited”.

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