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Elon Musk speaks the bitter truth

Elon Musk speaks the bitter truth
According to Tesla boss Elon Musk, the world will soon not be able to live without oil and gas. (Image source: IMAGO/political-moments)

what does the future hold? It’s clear to many: Fossil fuels like oil and gas are having their heyday. Ironically, e-car pioneer Elon Musk is stepping on the brakes. The Tesla boss believes that humanity will never be able to do without it anytime soon. He has a very special piece of advice for a European country.


If Netflix is ​​biting the criticism either funny jokes about bill gatesElon Musk doesn’t mince his words. In Norway, the Tesla founders once again lived up to their reputation as a friend of frank words.

Elon Musk: the world still needs oil and gas

Musk was a guest at an energy conference there and brought with him an uncomfortable truth (source: Reuters) because who on one According to Musk, anyone hoping to rapidly switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy will have to be proved wrong, “In fact, I believe we will still need oil and gas for a limited period of time,” said the 51-year-old. “Otherwise, civilization will collapse.”

According to Musk, the transition to a sustainable economy and energy production is one of the biggest challenges the world has ever faced. ,it will take decades,

As for Norway, Musk offered specific advice when asked. scandinavian countries Continue to seek additional oil and gas resources,

Elon Musk has fingers in almost everything:

Stelantis overtakes Tesla to become EV king in Europe

The last Things weren’t going so smoothly for Tesla as always. in Europe Stelantis, the new e-car king, is doing it to become. Behind the big corporation with strange names are well-known brands like Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Opel. But VW is still in the forefront.

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At least the headwind hasn’t caused the Tesla boss and PayPal founder to lose his famous sense of humor. Elon Musk recently manchester united troll tweet cause a stir.


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