Elon Musk Suggests How to Avoid the “Mass Extinction Crisis”!

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Elon Musk Suggests How to Avoid the “Mass Extinction Crisis”!

Elon Musk has warned of the sure demise of Earth, saying that one possible solution to human existence is the colonization of Mars.

Billionaire Musk, a potential colonist of Mars, renewed his call for humanity to live a “multi-planetary” lifestyle, insisting that it would face a “mass extinction crisis” caused by the expansion of the Sun. The only way out is to escape.

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Musk, one of the wealthiest men alive, warned his Twitter followers over the weekend that “there is a 100% chance of extinction of *all* species due to the expansion of the Sun, unless humanity makes life multi-planetary”. . The tweet was published in response to an article that claimed “many experts” were warning of an impending mass extinction crisis caused by “all human activity”.

The Tesla founder’s mass extinction event may have had less to do with human activity than celestial bodies, but he insisted nonetheless, by following his long-standing dream of colonizing Mars. Humanity can survive this.

While the expansion and subsequent explosion of Earth’s Sun will eventually occur, assuming it follows the path of similar stars elsewhere in space, astronomers date its demise at about one to three billion years in the future. . Thus, mass extinctions are not expected until the current crop of humans has died out and their fear of extinction is based more on fear of climate change than concern about exploding stars. Is.

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Musk has made no secret of his desire for humans to colonize Mars, with the aim of making SpaceX, one of his company’s main projects.

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