Elon Musk “will become the world’s first trillionaire”

Elon Musk

According to Morgan Stanley analyst, Elon Musk, who is already the richest person in the world, will become the first trillionaire not because of the dominance of Tesla electric cars, but because of SraceX.

According to Bloomberg, the space exploration company “challenges any previous idea of ​​what was possible in terms of rockets and support infrastructure,” with Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas asking “SreesX Escape Velocity … Who Can Catch Them?” Said in a note called.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, SpaceX currently accounts for less than 17 percent of Musk’s $241.4 billion net worth. After this, the value of the company was estimated at $100 billion earlier this month.

John, who has valued SpaceX at $200 billion, wrote that he sees it as one of many companies in one, with a focus on space infrastructure, Earth observation, space exploration and other activities. Estimating the valuation of satellite communications company Starlink carries the most weight.

Musk’s prediction of being the world’s first trillionaire has been predicted in the past — but largely because of the anticipated return of Tesla’s share. Tesla’s exciting run that began last year has raised the net worth of Musk’s fortune and the rising tide hasn’t stopped. On Monday alone, the founder’s net worth increased by $6.6 billion.

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